This coating suitable for food contact is able to meet many different requirements related to surface anti-stick property.
The contained polymers withstand above-average operating temperatures exceeding 300 °C and at the same time excluding any gaseous emissions harmful to health. Thanks to its compactness and surface hardness, this coating is placed at the highest degree of anti-abrasion and anti-wear performance. EXELIA EVOLUTION coating has an additional very important advantage: dimensions and shapes of aluminum products remain unaltered; this should not be overlooked since dimensions and shapes usually undergo deformations during sintering at high termperature.
This coating can be applied in different colors and, upon request, also with glossy effect. Versions able to withstand extreme temperatures, exceeding in fact 500 °C, are available.

Rivestimento per pan bauletto Exelia
Rivestimento per panificati Exelia
Rivestimento per Pandoro Exelia


High-quality innovative coating based on silicone elastomers and silicone resins. Particularly suitable for coating metal surfaces (aluminium, aluminized steel, stainless steel) on baking moulds, trays and pans for bread, pastries and cakes.A coating that is ideal not only for large industrial cooking lines, but also for small bakeries. Thanks to its long-lasting quality and robustness the best baking results are guaranteed over a long period. Silicone resin-based coatings retain their excellent release effect even after contact with very sugary bakery products. This coating not only has excellent non-stick properties, but also a high grip (in contrast to non-stick fluoride products) thus ensuring the product to be kept stable and firm during transport in automated baking lines (thus avoiding product slipping on the baking surfaces). The product requires a sintering at low temperature thus keeping unaltered sizes and shapes of aluminium products which are usually subject to deformation.

Product main advantages:
• Significant reduction in the use of additional release agents such as fats and oils
• Fast removal of baked goods without damage
• Withstands baking temperatures up to 220-230 degrees
• Uniform heat transfer during baking, thus resulting in an evenly baked crust
• Prevents the loss of quality of baked product due to burnt residues or carbonized fats
• Our coating is intended for food-contact use according to FDA 21 CFR 175.300